Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wet'n'Wild for the win- new Megalast shades review and swatches!

Oh man, I am so tired!! Been trying to run in the park these past couple of days and haven't been sleeping well so my batteries are totally drained as of lately.
Here is a quick blog post about the amazingly awesome and extremely affordable (read dirt cheap) WnW mega last lipsticks.
I had a couple of shades of the mega lasts but one was too dark, the other was too nude (washed my face away) and despite that those shades didn't exactly work for me I was impressed with the pigmentation and matte-ness of the megalasts. Now, they can be very very drying and it is imperative that your lips are super moisturized and very well scrubbed as with any matte lipstick -these will make every little imperfection, especially any flaking,  look more visible.
I am "talking" too much again! I noticed some new shades recently at CVS - noticed them coz they had the sticker "NEW SHADE" on them and because they were super bright and stood out! One was a bright coral named Purty Parsimmon that reminded me of a more orange version of the now DC Revlon matte l/s in Strawberry Suade. The other shade is Cherry Picking and it is a bright berry colour that I also love. 
Both shades brighten your whole face and in my opinion would be really flattering across skintones.
As mentioned- moisturize and then moisturize some more before using these.  They are long wearing and the best part is that as they wear off they leave a beautiful stain on your lips.

A definite Win from Wet'n'Wild.
I just found out from a really lovely lady that posts FOTDs on a
certain MU board that there are several other new bright shades that I didn't see at the time so I have to track those down as well! $1.99 and there is usually BOGOs going on so- yes dirt cheap!No more talking!!! Here are some swatches!

More pictures of me wearing those two shades after the JUMP!

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