Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pressing Fyrinnae Loose shadows

I have close to 40 Fyrinnae loose shadows in their sample size. Most of them are insanely gorgeous and I am in awe every time I use them...which sadly is about twice a year. So I decided to press them and put them in palettes that I can keep handy coz right now they are in one of the drawers of the plastic unit that I keep items that I never use. 
Pressing shadows is a huge pain in the butt- it is messy and time consuming. It is also a learning curve! I screwed up 3 shadows before I was able to gauge correctly how much mixing agent to use per shadow. To press shadows you need a mixing agent like glycerin ( got mine from TKB trading). You will also need shadow pans and a palette (got one from TKB trading and another one from EBAY that took over 6 weeks to arrive-ugh!). You need a small pot (but bigger than the sample size Fyrinnae pots) to mix the shadow and agent in, something like a small spatula to mix it with and transfer to shadow pan, plus smooth the surface. I then take a piece of tissue paper, put it over the pan, take a quarter (fits perfectly into a 26mm pan) and press:)  Then you let it dry out!
Some came out better than others. The sample Fyrinnae size does not quite fill a 26mm but should be sufficient to cover the pan. I am not sure what they final result will be and whether I will be able to use them like a normal pressed shadow- that's what I am hoping for and I will find out  tomorrow!
The downside is that I have tons more left to press :((( Need to order another palette. 
Palette looks really pretty:)))Take a look:

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