Friday, March 16, 2012

Blackened smokey teal FOTD

I wanted to do a black smokey eye with a bright green outer V for St. Patty's day but my green wasn't showing as bright as I wanted it to, so I ended up blending everything in and getting a teal look. I used a lot of products but the stand out is this La Femme blush (don't even remember the name coz I depotted it) but it's in the Nars Orgasm family. I have four La Femme Blushes- a bright matte fuschia(think called fuschia), this sparkly peachy pink I just remembered the name- Mandarin Red, a bright matte Orange and a muted rosey pink called Mocha. So every time I use one of these blushes ( they cost $2.50 each), I ask myself why in hell would I ever spend $20+ on a blush when you have those babies which are mega pigmented and last all day???? LaFemme also has every imaginable shade of blush so for the price of my Chanel De Horizon blush I could have gotten like 25 of these blushes....
Happy Spring everyone- doesn't hyacinth smell just amazing?

Anyway, on to the FOTD!:)
More pics after the Jump

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