Saturday, March 24, 2012

MU organizer unit rave

I don't have much space so I cannot have a separate vanity table where I can also store MU and brushes. All I have is my super cheap Walmart desk and I hate it when it's covered with MU items. It feels so uninspiring when I have to do something else on that desk that is not MU related plus I get distracted with all the MU around. I have several storage thingies that I have put on the desk in an attempt to organize my most used items. Items that I get some seldom use (WnW palettes, ELF blushes and other mostly DS items) are in the only desk drawer. Items that I don't use as much (or more like ever) are in a separate plastic drawer organizer. 
So my on -desk situation was getting pretty messy so I went on Amazon and started browsing for a new organizer. I wanted something with plenty of compartments that looked nice and THIS ITEM caught my attention. At $17.95 it was really reasonable, had good reviews and looked like it can hold a lot of stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived - it just looked really nice, not cheap at all (I have another plastic unit where the plastic has gotten all dirty and dim and just looks awful but I don't think it will happen to this one).  I filled it all out with plenty of products and I honestly wish there was another bigger size for this that can hold even more products coz I love it!!! Here is what mine looks like right now.  As you can see it holds plenty of stuff and it will be ideal with a normal person without make-up obsession who has a normal-sized stash:)

Please check what the rest of my MU organization looks like after the JUMP!

This unit I got from Marshals for $7.99 and I keep most of my blushes and palettes there.  ===>

<== Both Units on my Desk

The wall unit with the brushes I got at Target. I believe it was $19.99 and it was really easy to put together. The cube was also from Target- a set of three with this one being the largest was about $15. 

I know it looks like a vanity and it is really distracting when I have to do something else at my desk but for the time being that's the best I could do and I believe it looks decent:)

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