Monday, January 23, 2012

L'oreal Infallible e/s in Amber rush

So Rite Aid was having a Loreal eye sale (BOGO 50% off), and of course I could not resist stopping by on the hunt for more infallible shadows. Sweetening the deal even more is this $1 off coupon that I read about on I should seriously start paying attention to coupons, you can save so much $ if you just take an extra step (no wonder there is books and shows about couponing!).
Anyway, it seems like I was not the only one that was hunting those shadows down. There was not much left at my local RA and most of them were open. I really wanted to get the green one (sage?) and the iced latte but the IA was nowhere to be found and the only green one left was open and pretty much ruined.
So I just picked up the only two that were left untouched: Continuous Cocoa and Amber rush. 
and here is the verdict: AMBER RUSH IS THE BOMB! It is such a pretty colour- bronzey pink that is so soft and pretty! I immediately thought of Urban Decay Toasted e/s which has got to be one of my favourite shadows ever. They are not exactly the same as you will see from the swatches but they are pretty similar with the finish of the Amber rush being more gleamy and shiny looking. I cannot wait to wear this on my eyes tomorrow. 

Find pictures of Amber rush in the pot and swatches comparing AR and Toasted after the jump!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Abyssinian Catbird pictures and FOTD

So I did another FOTD using abyssinan catbird today just because I still cannot believe how amazing this shadow is. Everything about it is perfect except...that I wish it was a little bit more olivey in a sense that it had more green to it. I decided to use it over different bases to see if I can it to look more green and then used it with those bases in a fotd that you will find after the jump.

Flash                                                                                                                                    No flash
Abyssinian Catbird used over different cream bases from L to R:
1. Over ELF light taupe cream e/s in dawn
2. Over a forest green cream e/s from Sleek primer palette
3. Over L'Oreal Infallible in Bronzed taupe
4. Over L'Oreal Infallible in Eternal sunshine.

See the FOTD after the jump:)

My ridiculous keyboard setup.

So my macbook pro keyboard refuses to restore to normal and I still have several keys that do not work rendering the kbd unusable. I know it's stupid to hope that they will start working again since something must have shorted in that area but I am almost praying that a miracle will happen...especially after I asked an authorized apple service place for a quote- They did confirm that probably the whole kbd will need to be replaced and it seems like a very intricate and labor intensive job that will cost over $300 (GULP!). That hurts quite literally so you will understand why I stupidly continue to hope that those damn 6 keys will come back to their senses and start working. I promise to be extra careful and never ever have any liquid near the laptop. I have already purchased a kbd protector....
Anyway, I was gonna go to the repair shop this weekend but it's snowing and I am clumsy plus don't have winter boots. With my luck, I will fall and damage this precious device even more! 
I did purchase an external keyboard this week so I can still use my MBP. ( one of the keys that does not work is in my password so I was not even able to log in!).I went to the two local radioshacks and neither had kbds that are compatible with MAC (booo). I finally resorted to going to one of those really suspicious looking electronics shop where they probably sell a bunch of fake stuff. 
They had two kbds available that were supposedly compatible with a MAC or at least that's what the ghetto packaging said. One was huge and the other one was an absolutely Ridiculous hello kitty kbd. I didn't have much choice, so I got the hello kitty one completely sure that I was being scammed and it won't even work.
Well, that's one miracle that actually occurred, besides it looking absolutely ridiculous, this Hello kitty kbd, worked! It is not the best for typing, but will do the job. I snapped a pic so you can see how sad and funny my current setup is. Please, if anyone is reading this, send positive thoughts for my keyboard and its resurrection. Thank you!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Holy Cr@p.So, I received my zuneta package yesterday. I gave into the hype and after their last sale, I ordered an RBR eyeshadow- the one I hear about the most- abyssinian catbird. It's an olivey bronzey colour that is not exactly super unique, but is very pretty nonetheless.The quality of this shadow is AH-MAZING! I was feeling a buyers remorse when I ordered it, as it's quite expensive for  a single e/s but it is totally worth it. 
I used it this morning and it's consistency is so rich, so amazingly buttery that even with the lightest swipe you get so much pigment and you cannot even tell the surface has been touched.
The only downside is that now I want more shadows! Ugh!!!!
EOTD for  which I used Abyssinian catbird after the JUMP!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Day andother salad and FOTD:)

It's amazing how much I love fruits and veggies and enjoy salads every day. If my brain wasn't so screwed up I would have been one very healthy individual.  Anyway, I've been doing good with food but I tend to have these really healthy periods and then slip really bad - a cycle that I've been going through for the past 5 years now. My slips get worse and worse each time, so I am really hoping to be able to overcome those pitfalls as I can't even imagine the situation getting any worse than what it has been recently:(
I don't understand why I've been so sleepy lately. I didn't even hear my alarm today and when I woke up at 9am after an 8hour sleep, I did not feel one bit refreshed:( It's really annoying and bothers me that I am not up to a 100% and remain unable to concentrate at work!
The salad I had for dinner is one my all time favourites that my family has had on the table at least once a week ever since I can remember. It is once again extremely simple, all you need is cabbage ( the soft and light type) and cucumbers (I sometimes skip the cucumbers and just have cabbage!). You cut the cabbage into small strips, use salt to taste and then smush with your hands a little so it becomes even softer which allows it to absorb the olive oil and vinegar better when you will season it. I am very generous with the vinegar as that's the way I like most of my salads:) On this one you can use either apple or wine vinegar. 
For pictures of the salad and my FOTD====>>>> JUMP

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green FOTD and DS HAUL Review

I have hooded eyes with oily lids so eyeshadows have a very tough time staying on my lids for more than a couple of hours. Truth is that there were times (and those were gooood times) when I knew nothing about eye primers and did not even bother with buying eyeshadows. I must have had a total of 10 shadows... I probably have 100s now. Sad story!
I digress...I stay away from cream shadows since they never really stay on my lids unless I use them as a base for powder products.  MAC painpots crease on me without a primer within 2-3 hours but do well when worn over a primer and w/ powder over them. Benefit creaseless creams seems to work best on me, even when worn alone I almost get a full day of wear which is close to a miracle.
As you may have heard and seen, a lot of the drugstore brands are coming out with new collections that feature cream eye products. I heard a lot about the new Maybelline tattoo shadows and saw swatches online that looked gorgeous. Tattoo is a strong word to use when describing a make-up product but it seems most reviewers were happy with the wear of the product. I don't know what's wrong with drugstores in New York City but the new lines and products never make it here- can you believe that I am yet to see a WnW Comfort Zone in person and I've only seen the Revlon Lip Butters in one drugstore near me!!! WTF!!! So when the opportunity to rent a house in PA for the new years came, I knew that was my chance to track down some of the new eye shadow products.

There was only one CVS in the area but that did the trick. They carried the new tattoo shadows and L'Oreal new infallible shadows. I picked up two tattoo shadows- Tough as Taupe and Edgy Emerald. I also got the "Eternal sunshine" Infallible shadows.  As you can see from the pictures Tough as Taupe is a cool muted brown with gray undertones that is much like MAC Copperplate but in cream form. It applies well depositing solid colour. Edgy emerald is a bright green emerald shimmer that did not apply as smooth as the other shade and was significantly more sheer.  The containers resemble MAC PP with a glass jar and black plastic lid. They are very similar in consistency as well. The color tattoo's contain 4grams of product while the Painpots have 5grams. The Infallible shadows are at 3.5grams.  Now the L'oreal shadows are not cream per se- they are of a very weird consistency which looks like cream but is probably pressed pigment which applies soooooo smoothly and it looks wet on the finger when heavily swatched.
Now let's discuss wear- as I said I am the toughest test subject with my oily hooded lids and I gave those babies a good run over this past week.
L'Oreal Infallible - tried on its own the first day-no primer, no nothing- I know, how CRAZAY of me, but the MU community was claiming that they don't budge whatsoever, so I decided to see for myself.  The shadow was holding really well until the 4th hour of wear when the signs of creasing appeared.  The shadow was all melted in my crease by the 6th hour but I can see how it will last forever on someone with normal lids:) It lasted almost all day over a primer. I'll definitely be picking up more colours- the bronzey taupe one is 1st on my list:)
As for the Maybelline shadows...well they definitely don't wear as tattoos on me...the taupe one over a primer and with a powder product on top wears as well as a paint pot but the emerald colour (the sheerer) one creased on me at about mid day:(  I can imagine how fast they'd crease, had I worn them on their own. I am keeping the taupe colour but the emerald is up for swap- I am sure it will work much better on someone else. Too bad, I had the perfect Inglot eyeshadow to go with it.
Swatches and a FOTD After the Jump!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yes, I have a lot of make-up, unfortunately I always want more:( Ever since I joined a certain make-up online community (you are not supposed to talk about it;P), my MU stash has grown exponentially. Also my taste has become a lot more expensive which is not exactly something I can afford and support. I am hoping 2012 will bring more humility and common sense as well as other cheaper interests but I doubt I will completely abandon my makeup addiction or go on a no-buy so I can see myself posting about make up on here on a regular basis.:)
I ordered Chanel Horizon blush the day I saw Christine from Temptalia wear it. It looked so divine and sophisticated on her that I couldn't resist. Now with a price tag of $58 ( about $63 with taxes) this is way over my budget plus I really do not need another blush!! But I could not resist and I ordered it. It arrived today and my first impression is positive. I like it a lot but at the same time I feel like I don't love it enough to justify spending that much dinero for it.  I think I will succumb to temptation and keep it in the ned- it's my first Chanel purchase:) The shade kind of reminds me of MAC Dollymix and Peachykeen shade mixed together. It gives a very nice glow without too much colour and is the perfect blush for work. I am not exactly heavy-handed with my blushes but I would like for it to show well so Chanel Horizon might be a tiny bit too sheer for my liking. I do realize that it was meant to be that way and know a lot of girls prefer a sheer application.  
I am very torn right now about keeping it, so I will wear one more time tomorrow on a fresh face and use a different brush to apply (MAC 109 gave a spotty application) and make up my mind.  I am attaching pictures of the blush itself and on my cheeks;) Opinions are appreciated!