Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green FOTD and DS HAUL Review

I have hooded eyes with oily lids so eyeshadows have a very tough time staying on my lids for more than a couple of hours. Truth is that there were times (and those were gooood times) when I knew nothing about eye primers and did not even bother with buying eyeshadows. I must have had a total of 10 shadows... I probably have 100s now. Sad story!
I digress...I stay away from cream shadows since they never really stay on my lids unless I use them as a base for powder products.  MAC painpots crease on me without a primer within 2-3 hours but do well when worn over a primer and w/ powder over them. Benefit creaseless creams seems to work best on me, even when worn alone I almost get a full day of wear which is close to a miracle.
As you may have heard and seen, a lot of the drugstore brands are coming out with new collections that feature cream eye products. I heard a lot about the new Maybelline tattoo shadows and saw swatches online that looked gorgeous. Tattoo is a strong word to use when describing a make-up product but it seems most reviewers were happy with the wear of the product. I don't know what's wrong with drugstores in New York City but the new lines and products never make it here- can you believe that I am yet to see a WnW Comfort Zone in person and I've only seen the Revlon Lip Butters in one drugstore near me!!! WTF!!! So when the opportunity to rent a house in PA for the new years came, I knew that was my chance to track down some of the new eye shadow products.

There was only one CVS in the area but that did the trick. They carried the new tattoo shadows and L'Oreal new infallible shadows. I picked up two tattoo shadows- Tough as Taupe and Edgy Emerald. I also got the "Eternal sunshine" Infallible shadows.  As you can see from the pictures Tough as Taupe is a cool muted brown with gray undertones that is much like MAC Copperplate but in cream form. It applies well depositing solid colour. Edgy emerald is a bright green emerald shimmer that did not apply as smooth as the other shade and was significantly more sheer.  The containers resemble MAC PP with a glass jar and black plastic lid. They are very similar in consistency as well. The color tattoo's contain 4grams of product while the Painpots have 5grams. The Infallible shadows are at 3.5grams.  Now the L'oreal shadows are not cream per se- they are of a very weird consistency which looks like cream but is probably pressed pigment which applies soooooo smoothly and it looks wet on the finger when heavily swatched.
Now let's discuss wear- as I said I am the toughest test subject with my oily hooded lids and I gave those babies a good run over this past week.
L'Oreal Infallible - tried on its own the first day-no primer, no nothing- I know, how CRAZAY of me, but the MU community was claiming that they don't budge whatsoever, so I decided to see for myself.  The shadow was holding really well until the 4th hour of wear when the signs of creasing appeared.  The shadow was all melted in my crease by the 6th hour but I can see how it will last forever on someone with normal lids:) It lasted almost all day over a primer. I'll definitely be picking up more colours- the bronzey taupe one is 1st on my list:)
As for the Maybelline shadows...well they definitely don't wear as tattoos on me...the taupe one over a primer and with a powder product on top wears as well as a paint pot but the emerald colour (the sheerer) one creased on me at about mid day:(  I can imagine how fast they'd crease, had I worn them on their own. I am keeping the taupe colour but the emerald is up for swap- I am sure it will work much better on someone else. Too bad, I had the perfect Inglot eyeshadow to go with it.
Swatches and a FOTD After the Jump!


Even though the Maybelline tattoo cream shadows and the L'Oreal infallible are not exactly comparable, they both claim extremely long wear and vibrancy of colour. For me, the Infallibles are definitely the winner here -hopefully I can get some more on sale as they are quite pricy at $9 for 3.5grams. 

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 Oh, I also picked a Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Raspberry that was marked down by 75% and was surprised to find that it is actually my first colorburst lipstick! I like both the feel and colour and have included swatches as well.


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And this is the FOTD I did using edgy emerald and Inglot e/s 504. Unfortunately as I mentioned, it wasn't long until this whole look went to creasetown:)

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