Monday, January 23, 2012

L'oreal Infallible e/s in Amber rush

So Rite Aid was having a Loreal eye sale (BOGO 50% off), and of course I could not resist stopping by on the hunt for more infallible shadows. Sweetening the deal even more is this $1 off coupon that I read about on I should seriously start paying attention to coupons, you can save so much $ if you just take an extra step (no wonder there is books and shows about couponing!).
Anyway, it seems like I was not the only one that was hunting those shadows down. There was not much left at my local RA and most of them were open. I really wanted to get the green one (sage?) and the iced latte but the IA was nowhere to be found and the only green one left was open and pretty much ruined.
So I just picked up the only two that were left untouched: Continuous Cocoa and Amber rush. 
and here is the verdict: AMBER RUSH IS THE BOMB! It is such a pretty colour- bronzey pink that is so soft and pretty! I immediately thought of Urban Decay Toasted e/s which has got to be one of my favourite shadows ever. They are not exactly the same as you will see from the swatches but they are pretty similar with the finish of the Amber rush being more gleamy and shiny looking. I cannot wait to wear this on my eyes tomorrow. 

Find pictures of Amber rush in the pot and swatches comparing AR and Toasted after the jump!

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