Saturday, January 21, 2012

My ridiculous keyboard setup.

So my macbook pro keyboard refuses to restore to normal and I still have several keys that do not work rendering the kbd unusable. I know it's stupid to hope that they will start working again since something must have shorted in that area but I am almost praying that a miracle will happen...especially after I asked an authorized apple service place for a quote- They did confirm that probably the whole kbd will need to be replaced and it seems like a very intricate and labor intensive job that will cost over $300 (GULP!). That hurts quite literally so you will understand why I stupidly continue to hope that those damn 6 keys will come back to their senses and start working. I promise to be extra careful and never ever have any liquid near the laptop. I have already purchased a kbd protector....
Anyway, I was gonna go to the repair shop this weekend but it's snowing and I am clumsy plus don't have winter boots. With my luck, I will fall and damage this precious device even more! 
I did purchase an external keyboard this week so I can still use my MBP. ( one of the keys that does not work is in my password so I was not even able to log in!).I went to the two local radioshacks and neither had kbds that are compatible with MAC (booo). I finally resorted to going to one of those really suspicious looking electronics shop where they probably sell a bunch of fake stuff. 
They had two kbds available that were supposedly compatible with a MAC or at least that's what the ghetto packaging said. One was huge and the other one was an absolutely Ridiculous hello kitty kbd. I didn't have much choice, so I got the hello kitty one completely sure that I was being scammed and it won't even work.
Well, that's one miracle that actually occurred, besides it looking absolutely ridiculous, this Hello kitty kbd, worked! It is not the best for typing, but will do the job. I snapped a pic so you can see how sad and funny my current setup is. Please, if anyone is reading this, send positive thoughts for my keyboard and its resurrection. Thank you!

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