Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Day andother salad and FOTD:)

It's amazing how much I love fruits and veggies and enjoy salads every day. If my brain wasn't so screwed up I would have been one very healthy individual.  Anyway, I've been doing good with food but I tend to have these really healthy periods and then slip really bad - a cycle that I've been going through for the past 5 years now. My slips get worse and worse each time, so I am really hoping to be able to overcome those pitfalls as I can't even imagine the situation getting any worse than what it has been recently:(
I don't understand why I've been so sleepy lately. I didn't even hear my alarm today and when I woke up at 9am after an 8hour sleep, I did not feel one bit refreshed:( It's really annoying and bothers me that I am not up to a 100% and remain unable to concentrate at work!
The salad I had for dinner is one my all time favourites that my family has had on the table at least once a week ever since I can remember. It is once again extremely simple, all you need is cabbage ( the soft and light type) and cucumbers (I sometimes skip the cucumbers and just have cabbage!). You cut the cabbage into small strips, use salt to taste and then smush with your hands a little so it becomes even softer which allows it to absorb the olive oil and vinegar better when you will season it. I am very generous with the vinegar as that's the way I like most of my salads:) On this one you can use either apple or wine vinegar. 
For pictures of the salad and my FOTD====>>>> JUMP

I used a peach matte Inglot e/s all over the lids with MAC Copperplate in crease and a Physicians Formula gel liner. 
Face: Mehron HD FD, Korres blush N 16 - pink.
Lips: Bourjouis Lovely Rouge in Rose essentiel (love this shade!)

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  1. I love arugula the way you love your cabbage salad - just a bit of salt, lemon juice and olive oil and it's perfection!