Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Yes, I have a lot of make-up, unfortunately I always want more:( Ever since I joined a certain make-up online community (you are not supposed to talk about it;P), my MU stash has grown exponentially. Also my taste has become a lot more expensive which is not exactly something I can afford and support. I am hoping 2012 will bring more humility and common sense as well as other cheaper interests but I doubt I will completely abandon my makeup addiction or go on a no-buy so I can see myself posting about make up on here on a regular basis.:)
I ordered Chanel Horizon blush the day I saw Christine from Temptalia wear it. It looked so divine and sophisticated on her that I couldn't resist. Now with a price tag of $58 ( about $63 with taxes) this is way over my budget plus I really do not need another blush!! But I could not resist and I ordered it. It arrived today and my first impression is positive. I like it a lot but at the same time I feel like I don't love it enough to justify spending that much dinero for it.  I think I will succumb to temptation and keep it in the ned- it's my first Chanel purchase:) The shade kind of reminds me of MAC Dollymix and Peachykeen shade mixed together. It gives a very nice glow without too much colour and is the perfect blush for work. I am not exactly heavy-handed with my blushes but I would like for it to show well so Chanel Horizon might be a tiny bit too sheer for my liking. I do realize that it was meant to be that way and know a lot of girls prefer a sheer application.  
I am very torn right now about keeping it, so I will wear one more time tomorrow on a fresh face and use a different brush to apply (MAC 109 gave a spotty application) and make up my mind.  I am attaching pictures of the blush itself and on my cheeks;) Opinions are appreciated! 

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