Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Eyeliner Set Swatches

I had to get have got to see the Tango Twist liner from this set- it is absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with it from the first swatch I saw. And I can always use another brown liner (my favourite) and a good black one besides my gazillion UD 24/7 Zero liners ( well 3 but that's gazillion for me in terms of black liners). 
I had to find a little bit more about the collection since I ordered in such a hurry and on a whim. So I am pretty sure everyone is familiar with the Pantone company and their colour system ( if not check out their wiki here), what I didn't know is that Pantone as the colour masters, is the company that determines the colour of the year. 2012 colour is Tangerine Tango Pantone 17-1463 which they have used as an inspiration and main theme to create this LE line with Sephora. Now this colour is more red than tangerine in my opinion and some of the items of the collection do not exactly match the shade but they are all very vibrant and mood-lifting:)  On to the liners:

Packaging: Same awesome big, heavy box packaging as with the blush but slightly taller and slimmer. Of course the box is totally over the top but I cannot get enough of it, it is so beautiful with all the variations of the tangerine shade. You slide the box open and here they are- three tall handsome liners with the Tango twist proudly in the middle:) They do look beautiful right?!

Review & Swatches: As I said I ordered this for the orange liner and it is rightfully the star of the set. I do not own anything like it so I have nothing to compare it to- it is a vibrant, orange red shade that has some really awesome gold shimmer to it. It will definitely make for a gorgeous lipliner but I can't wait to try it on the eyes! I bet it would be gorgeous and I intend to use it very very very soon:). The pencils are rather tall, definitely more product than UD 24/7s. I've included a comp picture with a MAC Kohl liner which are huge.
The black shade(Meteorite) is a true black - definitely blacker than UD Zero which is the only other decent  black liner I have. 
The brown liner (Chestnut) is a beautiful deep dark brown which is exactly the shade I prefer to use in lieu of black on my waterline.  I've compared it here to an Essence liner which is slightly lighter, UD whiskey more cognacy colour, Milani liquif'eye brown liner- very similar.
All three shades are very very creamy and apply beautifully. They are a tad creamier than UD 24/7 producing more intense colors. I noticed I had trouble cleaning the swatches of my hands so I guess that is a good sign when it comes to liners! I like all three and will give you an update as to how they wear on the eyes! 

I love this set! GET IT- Sephora $22 ( FYI UD 24/7 retail for $18 each and are smaller in size so the set is a bargain)

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