Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette Swatches and Review

Have you been looking for a cheaper alternative to the oh-so popular Naked (1&2) palettes from Urban Decay? Or you have the latter palettes but you wished they had more matte shades?! If so, Sonia Kashuk heard your neutral palette prayers and created this little gem full of awesome MATTE eyeshadows. Yes, rejoice they are all matte, no more glitterbombs, no more shimmer overload, it's matte velvet-ness galore:)
As you are probably aware Sonia Kashuk's line is only available at Target. This is my first official MU purchase from the line as her line is more famous for the good and affordable (wouldn't call them inexpensive) brushes- I have two-brow and eyeliner and a beauty blender dupe.  I've been on a neutral kick lately, greatly enjoying taupes and my several neutrals from Inglot. It is the perfect MU for work and it's hard to overdo which I usually do when I have time on my hand:)
On the review:

Size and Packaging: For the great price of $19.99 you receive a compact palette with a total of 12 shades. This palette is not new but I've never seen it in stores, I guess the demand is high:) I didn't know exactly what to expect in terms of size but I thought it would be bigger. I don't mind that it isn't, it's a good size, perfect for traveling as it's got all the shades (and more) that you might need to create almost any look. As the back of the palette says: 12 shades, endless possibilities!:)
I have compared it here to a WnW 6pan palette and an Urban Decay Ammo palette. As you can see, it's slightly bigger than the WnW Palette and almost the same size as the Ammo, with the SK shadow pans being bigger than the UD ones. As for the packaging goes, it's a black plastic with a clear lid that is very basic and not particularly stylish:) The palette has a good weight to it but I'd be careful when traveling or even handling this baby as the packaging does not seem very sturdy. 
One thing I forgot to take a picture of is the little pull-out drawer that comes from underneath the palette and contains tutorials on several looks- this is after-all an instructional palette:) I don't think I'd be using those, but it's a good idea for newbies.  
Swatches and shades: This palette offers a balanced mix of warm and cool neutrals, as well as light and dark shades, so you should be able to find shades that work for you as a lid wash, crease shade and blending shadow no matter your skintone. Also there is plenty of warm and cool browns that you can use to fill in your brows. 
1st row contains your highlighting, flesh shades. You have an off-white or a very light beige shade that completely disappears in my skin, then a nice neutral beige  with a definite soft brown undertone and finally a very light peachy pink soft highlighting shade. This row is the most unimpressive of all 12 shades. The shadows, while soft and w/ good pigmentation are a little powdery and just seem to disappear on the skin.  I guess they would be good for blending out harsher looks and darker colours. 
2nd row is probably my favourite as it's got the PEACHES! I love peachy and corally matte shadows. All 3 shadows are very pigmented and velvetty but somewhat powdery. The 1st shade is a true peach, the second is a light salmony colour and it has my heart right now:) The third shadow is a very light cool toned taupey shade that should work great for a transitional shade or as a brow color for a dark blonde, light brunette.
3rd row's got your countouring/crease colours. There is one warm and two cool medium brown shades, all with great pigmentation.  The first shade is a warm medium brown with red undertones. Second shade is a darker version of the taupey shadow from the 2nd row and is perfect crease colour. The 2nd and 3rd shade from the 3rd row are somewhat similar with the 3rd shade being slightly darker and more proudly brown:)
The 4th and final row contains your odd neutral colours that every palette has. It's got my second favourite shadow in the palette- a chocolatey cool toned brown with purple undertones, a very cool toned medium gray and a super pigmented black shadow which is super black (yay!).  All three shadows are pigmented and apply nicely but you have to be careful for fall-out as they are powdery and that black...did I mention it's mega pigmented?!:)

Final Verdict: This palette is awesome! Perfect mix between cool and warm. All matte! Very pigmented! Good for traveling and affordable! What else might your heart desire when it comes to a neutral palette?! I don't have many MAC neutralx but I am sure every shade from this palette is a dupe for a MAC eyeshadow and is probably of a better quality:). I will update as to wear time!

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