Saturday, February 18, 2012

Late V-Day FOTD.

I didn't do anything special for V-Day. Noone special in my life at the moment, so it wasn't the happiest day... Plus it was sorta of a sabotage week food-wise which also brings me down significantly:(   I have to get back to reading that book- it really was helpful as long as I am able to master the simple logic behind it. 
I picked up Scott Barnes book "About a Face" this week- my first official MU book. Honestly, I did not learn anything that I didn't know or haven't come across before. He is really famous for his contouring and highlighting practices using dark fdtn to contour and light concealer to HL and then blending everything out with regular FDTN. I know Goss on YT is a big fan of that practice and has made several videos on it so I was very familiar with it.  I used it several times this week with different intensity and actually really like the overall effect. It is very important that you exfoliate and moisturize your face extremely well since you do use a lot of MU products that can emphasize dry patches/ spots on your face. 
I took the whole concept to a whole another level today using very dark bronzing shade (Revlon Skinlights Golden Light) and a white concealer to highlight (Bonne Bell White White concealer and highlighter). I blended everything together using ELF flat top brush and a mix of Boots7 lifting FDTN and EL DW light. I was surprised it blended so well and it actually looked really good. I then used bronzer (WnW), blush (La Femme -Fuschia) and more Highlighter -(theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer) It is definitely not something I will wear during daytime since in direct sunlight you can definitely tell that I am wearing a lot of face MU but it looks great in pics and is a look I will try for going out. 
I kept the eyes soft with a rosey colour with brown in crease and brown liner smudged on the upper and lower lashline. The lips were also very soft pinkey shade-so that is why I refer to it as a V-day look:)
EDIT: I really loved the eye look so after I took a shower, I decided to recreate it. Also I still used the contour/hl technique but with less product, skipped the bronzer and used a luminous blush.

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