Monday, February 13, 2012

OTT Liner

I came back from work after having purchased the Revlon ColorStay liquid eye pen - Revlon eye and face cosmetics is 40% at RA this week! I've been wanting a liquid pen for cat eye style liner for a while and decided to get this one as it came out to a little over $5 which sounds reasonable. 
I don't like this at all, it's too liquidy and the colour is not opaque. I should have looked up the reviews before buying.... I still used it for this dramatic cat eye- I know you can't see it with my hooded lids but the liner is not at all symmetrical ( from eye to eye that is). 
I had this really awesome taupe MU today for work and just went over it with the pen. 
Either way, I am still willing to try the new Maybelline liner pens that I saw advertised last week but I haven't spotted them anywhere, nor have seen reviews.

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